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Mad Money (2008)

Genre: Comedy, Drama, True Story Jop’s Rating: 8/10 Dianne Keaton, Queen Latifah, Katie Holmes and Ted Danson are just priceless in this comedy drama about three woman who figure out how to steal a large amount of money when they… Continue Reading →

Death to Smoochy (2002)

      Genre: Comedy, Drama Jop’s Rating: 10/10 Robin Williams and Edward Norton are outstanding in this black satire comedy about a children’s television show and it’s operations. Danny DeVito is genius in directing this film and brings forth a quirky adult comedy… Continue Reading →

Commandments (1997)

    Genre: Drama, Comedy Jop’s Rating: 6/10 Aidan Quinn is one of the main characters in this dark comedy with a religious theme simulating the Ten Commandments and a comedic story about life and love. Courtney Cox and Anthony… Continue Reading →

The Longest Yard (1974)

Genre: Comedy, Drama Jop’s Rating: 9/10 Burt Reynolds is great in this iconic football comedy-drama of a superstar gone bad.  With a life that has been paid for, being a kept man that was once a great football player decides that… Continue Reading →

It’s Complicated (2009)

    Genre: Comedy Jop’s Rating: 10/10 Meryl Streep shines in this story with two suitors, one ex and one new, Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin.  This trio wonderfully shares a story of a woman coming to terms and acceptance of… Continue Reading →

Parenthood (1989)

Genre: Drama, Comedy Jop’s Rating: 10/10 Fantastic film with an all star cast that tells the story of a large family with three generations and siblings. A movie made of honest and realism which is balanced with both comedic and dramatic… Continue Reading →

Taxi (1978)

    Genre: Comedy – TV Series Jop’s Rating: 10/10 A Television sit-com that started the careers of many talented actors we see and miss dearly in this raw comedy about a Taxi Station and it’s drivers. This show introduced… Continue Reading →

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (1989)

    Genre: Christmas, Comedy Jop’s Rating: 10/10 Classic Christmas comedy with Chevy Chase is the third in National Lampoon’s Vacation Series.  This film has all the humor you could create with the craziness that families deal with over the… Continue Reading →

Fred Claus (2007)

      Genre: Christmas, Comedy Jop’s Rating: 10/10       Santa has an older brother, who knew, his name is Fred Claus played by Vince Vaughn. This is the story of how Fred came to hate Christmas and all… Continue Reading →

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