Sunday March 5, 2017

A big thank you to those who have been enjoying my site.  It is still in the works, more to come.  Interview videos, Site additions and more so please have patience. I think you may like what I am trying to build.  Just sharing a passion of mine, which has become a vision I am trying to create.  Not much experience, learning all t he time 😉 and hoping I can share some thoughts on some great entertainment.  We have some so far!!

Big Thanx, Muchly Appreciated! 

Much Peace and Love, Jop




Tuesday January 10, 2017

Golden Globe Awards 2017 Acceptance Speech Click to View

Another snow storm today, with ice rain afterwards.  Fireplace is on and a marathon is inspired by Meryl Streep after hearing her Golden Globe 2017 acceptance speech….love this women, great actress and a talent for art.

Today I will be watching an early film and some of her more current.  I don’t follow all of her movies as she has such a wide range of film entertainment, I have only my favorites in my collection.  Some of her movies are now collectables since they are no longer in print.

Will be watching Julie and Julia, which is a movie created from two books of the actual events of Julia Child, famous TV Cook, and a young woman named Julie which grew to admire Child’s cooks books.  Watch for the rest of the films for this great actress I marathon this weekend.


The fireplace is on, incense burning and Sonji my furrbaby is at my feet, so let the film role lol 🙂

Stay safe and well,

Always Love, Jop





Saturday December 31, 2016

Today I say goodbye suddenly to my furr baby KashMir, my pretty girl of only ten years old.


Now I am a believer of the other side which is one of the reasons I love ghost stories so much, there is more, something else out there. Indian belief is our loved ones walk beside and that all things of nature carry within the spirit of our lost loves, whether it be animal or person. My love of photography has let my beliefs grow as I have pictures.  I do not have any children, just my furr babies, however I did lose my brother about 9 years ago.  Kashmir starting seeing him when he passed, animals are very intuitive as are young children.

Sonji with orb white ball at nose

Orbs are generally caught in digital cameras.  Out of the four I have only Panasonic seem to pick up these other types of energy.  Visiting a Physic regularly I have had verification of my photos and that my loved ones are here with me. Now my orange cat pictured here was brought to me by the universe, as all my cats are.  I choose a name, open my heart to an abandoned cat and the gap is usually filled. Sonji is my special gift from the universe.  My other three came to me the same way as Sonji, all of it 🙂

What is rare about Sonji is that orange cats are not female only male and her being a tabby, orange and female she fits the bill. What is trippy is she has the exact same markings as my beloved male orange tabby Sachi, he was 8 yrs old. I took her unseen as she was dropped off on a country road. When I opened the box my soul felt hugged by above.  I do believe the orb in her picture is Sachi because this pic was taken the day I got her and as I got to know her, she has male habits, the same as Sachi’sstill trippin’ – all my cats are usually carbon copies of loves I am grieving for – just flippin trippin’ !!

My last picture will show that my brother is here and now he has my loves until we all meet again. I usually have four cats and I have lost three now since by brother Shane passed.

Kashmir, a cat who hates high places and can’t jump always chased the orbs

My hobby of movies also leads in healing and bringing forth underlying emotions, that is thier job. With every story there is something to learn from to soothe the soul.  The next few movie posts may be of a tear jerky nature, looking for female strength, but hey, that’s just how I am feelin’ !!

My bro Shane

Yesterday’s movie blog was a true story that touched my heart and I was surprised as how strongly I felt about the film and it’s history.

Today I feel the loss for a love that I know as my child, the second this year as I lost Tamiko her sister, earlier this year.

Stay well, always love



Kashmir (chair), Shane’s Face, Tamiko (desk) Background pic of Shane (I am not a computer graphics person, I did not alter this pic except for the titles)


Friday December 30, 2016



My Family 1965

I found  movie on YouTube and my heartstrings where pulled into a true story.  Being born in the 60’s era I grew up with the child’s tv program Romper Room.  Yes, I am dating myself here 🙂 and if you know the series then you may be familiar with these events.  It told the story of a drug called Thalidonide that caused millions of birth defects and I grew interested in the true happenings.

After speaking with my Mother this morning I learned she was prescribed the drug Thalidonide while pregnant with me and was very worried during her term when hearing stories of the drug. She remembers crying while looking for the first time at me, checking if I had my arms and legs, cause that is what this drug did, and I saw the look of relief her heart felt. It was prescribed for nausea and insomnia to pregnant women at that time. My Mother was admitted to the hospital with serve morning sickness her first trimester and was prescribed this drug.

My First Birthay with my Mom

Now I was  curious, so headed to the internet with my morning coffee and learned a little more history, visited my childhood and learned I was given a gift.  wow……so today I blog a youtube movie, true story and something that touched my life.

Yes, I found the dvd for my collection 😉

Much Peace and Love for your day!




Today, Thursday December 29, 2016 it is snowing and all has a feeling of calmness before the storm.  Cars hissing by the window with all those who must use the day, me I have a cravin’ for a Samuel L. Jackson marathon of some of his great movie gems I found last year.  A marathon by my definition is three or more movies with the same theme, either actor, genre, or director/writer.
Check our their posts if you enjoy a good mystery.


1. Caveman’s Valentine – love this mystery and all the special effects.  Samuel was voted for the worst hair in a movie but I kinda like it.  It is really different for him which is another reason I like this film.

2. The Cleaner – great mystery with Samuel as a father with a dirty job.

3. The Long Kiss Goodbye – great action flic with Geena Davis.

Have a Great Day!! Jop