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Genre: Comedy, Drama, True Story

Jop’s Rating: 8/10

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Dianne Keaton, Queen Latifah, Katie Holmes and Ted Danson are just priceless in this comedy drama about three woman who figure out how to steal a large amount of money when they have no other means of support and they are going to lose their homes.

Dianne Keaton, a wife use to living with some of the finer things in life, is about to lose her home after her husband, Ted Danson, is downsized from his job.  Upon hearing they have no money she sets out to get a job, after not working since her college days.  Finding out she really has no experience as job in a Federal Reserve Bank cleaning washrooms is her only option.  As she sees the daily operations an idea comes into play as she figures out that she can rob her workplace, all from going shopping at the hardware store.

She enlists the help of Queen Latifah and Katie Holmes and between the three of them they achieve their goal and think that they have found the gold under the rainbow, until things start to get sticky.  Keaton then needs to come clean to her husband Ted Danson and together they figure out a way to get out clean and without any harm coming to any of them, including jail time. 

This is a fantastic comedy-drama and Dianne Keaton is just precious in this film, she is hilarious, as all the women are in this movie.  Complete with comedy and and love story based cast this film is very entertaining, light and humorous and of coarse it must have a happy ending, butyou will have to watch to find the smiles in this one 🙂 I truly enjoy this film, it is light, easy and entertaining.

And would you believe this is a true story, three women actually did this 🙂

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