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Genre: Drama, Comedy

Jop’s Rating: 10/10

Fantastic film with an all star cast that tells the story of a large family with three generations and siblings. A movie made of honest and realism which is balanced with both comedic and dramatic plots.  Based on actual parenthood situations of director Ron Howard, producer Brian Grazer and Screenwriters Lowell Ganz and  Babaloo Mandel they succeed in making a film with multiple stories and characters with some profound moral life lessons sprinkled in to achieve the stories converted to the screen for our entertainment, after exaggerating their experiences, still truthfully funny. You just can not explain to someone on how to be a parent, with this movie all can learn a thing or two 😉

The story’s base line is Steve Martin and Mary Steenburgen as parents of three young children, then branches off into his sisters and brothers stories

and the extended family of in-laws. Dianne Weist, a divorced woman of two children, a son Leaf Phoenix, (now Joaquin), a teenage daughter

Martha Plimpton with boyfriend Keanu Reeves. Rick Moranis and wife Harley Jane Kozak raising a child to be a genius.  Jason Robards, a father dealing with the last son of four children, Tom Lulce brings a grandchild home with him. Coming together at the end with a close to all stories and a the lesson that love is always changing and being redefined in our lives every day using the moral base line of acceptance.

The actors in the film consume their roles and create wonderful characters with the early directing skills of Ron Howard and bring forth an amazing movie that is a must see.  Classic comedians and new talents, both we know today, fill this movie to it’s peak. I grew up watching Ron Howard when he was a child himself and followed most of his career.  His talent for directing exceeds his acting talents to the great movies he makes today.  Numerous Award Nominations lets this movie gain a historical place in entertainment and movies.

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