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Genre: Comedy – TV Series

Jop’s Rating: 10/10

A Television sit-com that started the careers of many talented actors we see and miss dearly in this raw comedy about a Taxi Station and it’s drivers.

Andy Kaufman and Danny DeVito

This show introduced us to the greats of Danny DeVito, Christoper Lloyd, Andy Kaufman, Tony Danza, Judd Hirsch,

Jeff Conaway, Marilu Henner.  A cast that was welcome

Danny DeVito

into my living every week and a series I still enough today. Danny DeVito was priceless and made his mark in the acting world.  Christopher Lloyd was hilarious and Andy Kaufman was historic in their characters. Non stop comedy was the best in the late seventies and broke many boundaries for the sit-coms  we see today.

Christoper Lloyd and Jeff Conaway

This show is most definitely in my collection and was rated very highly in it’s day.  The earlier years were the best as the stronger talents were

Andy Kaufman

only on the show for a short time but they make their mark in television history.

With 27 wins and 55 nominations this shows awards have a long list for all cast and crew.  It won Best Series in 1979 to 1981 and if you watched the series than you will remember it’s great moments and comedians.


Judd Hirsch and Marilu Renner

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