Genre: Comedy

Jop’s Rating: 10/10

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Meryl Streep shines in this story with two suitors, one ex and one new, Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin.  This trio wonderfully shares a story of a woman coming to terms and acceptance of her life…..finally feeling a little balance and starting anew, she starts an addition on her house with contractor Steve Martin.  Her business is doing well, her children are happy and grown with her eldest planning a wedding and her second child graduating from college.  Upon this celebration she must face her ex-husband as he attends this function along with his new younger wife, something sour she must swallow for a weekend, all with a smile. With her friends and their weekly dessert sessions, they talk their cattiness away, as we women do 🙂

Dealing with her ex-husband returning like a love sick puppy after spending a night together, by accident, with the help of a night at the bar, need I say more.  Alec and Meryl go down memory lane and soon starting talking about how their lives are today.  What is good and what he regrets.  Meryl treads a path we all as women can appreciate, happily acknowledging karma’s actions towards those who hurt her in the past and to see the gifts the universe grants the present day’s events.

This film is wonderfully comedic and is the basis of the story line.  Meryl Streep is priceless and her laugh is priceless 😉 as she enjoys the present day challenges of self discovery and bringing closure parts of her life.  Steve Martin digs into his Saturday Night Live roots with his character of a divorced man still coming to terms with his single life.  His classic comedy only enhances the comedic style of Alec Baldwin.  I love Baldwin and have been following his films for years and many talk show interviews, he is actually a very funny guy despite all the dramatic roles he usually does.  This role seems very easy for him and Steve as they just have fun with it.  As does Merly Streep, whose character takes a walk on the wild side, as she shines with her art of a living Mona Lisa creating a character so naturally enhancing and elegantly comedic.

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The soundtrack keeps the movie up beat as there is really no tragic events, only hilarious events of an old fashion comedy.   The direction/writer Nancey Meyers is excellent an she shares her vision a story combining warmth, humor and reality with a lesson to handle life with laughter and acceptance of one’s self worth, and others, for what you true definition of happiness is.  The full cast is great and they all have a role in providing the straight comedy that just make this film a whole, the smile really never leaves your face.

Nominated for 3 Golden Globe Awards, another 8 wins and 12 more nominations this film really speaks for itself. This is such a great chic flic!! My style and a define collection addition for those female inspired moments required 😉 The look like they had fun making this movie and their interviews show it!

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