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Genre: Drama

Jop’s Rating: 9/10

Maureen Stapleton

Excellent drama with Meryl Streep and Jack Nicholson about two people who fall in love at their first meeting and Jack the sworn singleton, believes he has found his soul mate, proposes to Meryl.  After holding up the wedding for

endless hours his friends of 20 years speak to her about how Jack has changed his ways since being in love with her

Stockard Channing, Richard Masur

and she is the one for him to carry on their relationship with the next step of marriage.  Cancelling out all her fears of separation from the history of divorce from her parent’s to her previous marriage and her vow to never marry again, they enter their life of bliss and the marriage proceeds.

Social couple dinners begin, they buy a house they decide to rebuild after a fire and their love enters a different life.  Stress of marriage and construction begin to take it’s toll until she becomes pregnant and a new love flourishes with their new born baby girl.  As life again changes it becomes routine.  Tension arises and signs start appearing that not all is well and the word “affair” starts appearing in the gossip mill and the social dinners.

Meryl begins to worry and suspects her husband has  returned to his old ways and begins to find the strength of trying to save her marriage.

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This is the first film that I had seen Meryl Streep in and just loved her.  She is elegantly strong in this film and her talent shows thru tremendously. Her Oscar’s from earlier films like Out of Africa, Sophie’s Choice and

Catherine O’Hara

A Cry in the Dark, all romantic dramas with power ful stories. Jack Nicholson, well, is Jack Nicholson 🙂 His charisma and charm mixed with his devilish handsomeness and great acting abilities to be himself yet invent a character for this film and every movie his in in.  Love him!

The opposite talents of both Streep and Nicholson prove to balance this movie into a wonderful drama of real life love and pain.

With the great supporting cast of Stockard Channing, Richad Masur, Catherine O’Hara, Jeff Daniels and Maureen Stapleton they only complement the story line and make for a great chic flic 🙂

Jeff Daniels

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