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Genre: Drama

Jop’s Rating: 9/10

Meryl Streep is suburb in this role of a catty runway fashion Magazine, not quite the romantic anymore 🙂 She makes a point in being tough on the new girl Anne Hathaway, along with the bullying, and teaches hard lessons buy putting the Hathaway in situations that she will no doubt fail, proving she is not fashion material. Emily Blunt represents the jealous colleague type that fills this area of professional fashion.  Anne Hathaway’s character is a graduate wanting to be a professional journalist and ends up in fashion as a filler job until something better comes along.  Now in a position that many would die for she possesses a sweet, sensitive, smart and naive persona the battle begins to either success or fail.  Her fashion sense is of a bookworm of sorts 😉 relying on her brains not her looks.  Stanley Tucci is again excellent his role as stylist and helps Anne find her clothing sense, spinning the jealousy to it’s fullest web as he dresses her in all the top names in fashion bringing out her natural beauty.

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Hathaway tries to continue living her life with her morals, but the job makes it very difficult.  So, instead of getting mad, she just proves to beat their over whelming challenges and comes out being respected instead of loathed.  By Merly Streep also as the movie tells it’s story of the fashion world. Hathaw ay’s personal life end up suffering and she may lose her boyfriend Adrian Grenier and their friends as her work duties seem to take over her life.  For someone who was not influenced by the fashion industry she slowly was being devoured by it and has to make some life choices.

This movie is the perfect drama for an easy night of popcorn and good entertainment. Anne Hathaway is delightful in this film and Stanley Tucci is again amazing, I just love him! Meryl is again fabulous winning a Golden Globe Award, nominated for an Oscar and more for Best Actor in this film.  Such a different role for her and she pulls off just so elegantly.

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