Genre: Action, Drama

Jop’s Rating: 7/10

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Great action film with Sam Elliot and Peter Weller. Story of Peter Weller’s character being a lawyer, engaged to a younger woman, spends his last week in court defending a drug dealer who killed a “blue jean cop” (also known name for this movie).  The assistant DA is an ex-fiance from earlier years and left Peter with broken heart.  Now Peter needs help and seeks out a street cop Sam Elliot to help him learn what a “blue jean cop” is, not wanting to cause any troubles, but just ruffle a few feathers of those who may be breaking the law when they should be enforcing them.

Dealing with two women in his life, a court case that the police do not want solved and his sense of mystery keeps him poking around with Elliot to chase down a drug lord Antonio Fargas and fellow bandits so that good may prevail 🙂

Standard action flic and a definite guy movie and a good story line with accomplished actors. Some of the scenes of the city have movie theaters that show the title of the films playing and names of the shows playing…they are names of real movies made, what is trippy is that one theater is showing an actual movie of Sam Elliot’s (with Whoopi Goldberg – Fatal Beauty).

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