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Genre: Drama, Comedy, Action

Jop’s Rating:  7/10

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Whoopie Goldberg is her comedic self in this film of a tough undercover cop that can’t let go of a proving a drug dealer’s true colors as he hides behind a reputation of a well to do business man of building Shopping Malls.  She has a partner that enjoys the fun side of being cops and they are well suited for this movie by giving it the lighter side as it can get dark.  Sam Elliot has been assigned to follow this Italian cop as she continues her quest, his boss, the business man.

Her character makes many friends, and enemies, thru out the story and there is a large  lesson that comes with this film and leaves a bit of morality behind as it touches reality in a Hollywood way.  You see the talent of Whoopie in the dramatic scenes and Sam’s professionalism of a gentleman as the sexy bad guy that goes for a walk on the good side as he tends to become Whoopie’s partner in her crusade for saving people.

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This is a classic 80’s movie and the start of me following the career of Whoopie Goldberg, I think she is fantastic and I love her early movies containing a comedic flow to her films. She won and Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in the film.  The 80’s had some great comedies and some of the actors we know today started their craft of acting in these movies. All the actors in this film are wonderful and the director brings across an entertaining comedy with a dramatic message.

I am a fan of action and strong independent female roles and this film is not something most men would enjoy, it is labelled as a chic flic in my books. It just fits the bill for a movie with all genres of humor, action, drama.

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