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Genre: Action, Drama

Jop’s Rating: 7/10


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Fantastic action drama with the late great Paul Walker, Frances O’ConnorGerard Butler and a cast of wonderful talents.  From the vision of director Richard Donner, action specialist, brings to the screen a duo love story with the memorizing lifestyle of the 14th century brought together with the sci-fi theory of time travel.

An archeological digsite of a French 1357 castle and it’s history of a war start this film with a teacher Billy Connolly telling the story to a group of eager students with the assistance of his son Paul Walker.  Upon meeting Paul’s character you learn he dislikes history but only joins in because of his love for a young woman, Frances O’Connor. Gerard Butler is a passionate historian that is totally in love with the past and catches the interest of Walker with mysteries of history.  Their teacher leaves to visit another lab while the students,

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now lead by Gerard, stay behind to continue their work.  They discover a box filled with artifacts and papers along with a pair of bifocal glasses, not something from that era.  With the found documents they discover a note and realize it is from their teacher but was written over 600 years ago.

Paul Walker proceeds to trace his father’s path and tracks him down, in the middle of a war in 1357, the same dig they were exploring becomes reality when they travel back to save their teacher leading a dig of the year 2003.  An explosive modern device , which is forbidden, has traveled back with the rescue team and provides the story line for the present giving the researches a life threatening challenge also and the added pressure of having a time limit of only six hours for everyone to complete their missions, past and present.

The group gets to experience the life they so desire to explore with their digs, now learning what is like to live in 1357.  No phones, no cars, no bathrooms 🙂 even the pick up lines are different as Gerard Butler discovers after he rescued a damsel in distress!  Early roles for most of these actors coupled with veteran actors bring this film to a balanced and entertaining action.


If you like history, action and a love story you will enjoy this creation of Donner’s. This film was inspired by Micheal Crichton’s book and with Donner’s vision I have truly enjoyed this movie from the story right down to the sets and filming locations as they are beautiful and only enrich this movie.  I also found interest in the interviews for the making of this film and actually got a glimpse of all the work that was put into making this film by all.  This movie sat in my collection for years, only kept is because it was a Paul Walker film, like him better with

hair 🙂 Never seen, now it is a found gem and totally marathon worthy, with Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.

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