Genre: Drama, Action

Jop’s Rating: 8/10


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Woody Harrelson and Keifer Sutherland are terrific, sblog-cowboy-way11exy and real cowboys who end up in New York City looking for a friend who has not returned home yet after coming to the city to get his daughter Cara Buono.  Despite the fact they themselves are fighting with each other from past events they end up sleeping in the park, going to a designer’s party, fancy hotels, and riding horses thru the city streets of New York,  These two best friends since childhood must save the day the only way they now how……………..The Cowboy Way. 

Just love thblog-cowboy-way2is film, Harrelson is a priceless cowboy with his bad boy charm and humorous easy going persona.  Sutherland is the gentleman of the two, a polite cowboy with all the skills of a championship rodeo rider.


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Dylan McDermott does wonderfully as the bad element of the story, as always. Marg Helgenberger plays the owner of a modeling agency and she is instantly attracted to Woody Harrelson.  My favorite scene of the movie is their dance 🙂  Ernie Hudson is the city police office who rides a horse andalways wanted to be a cowboy ends up helping Sutherland and Harrelson and shows them the ropes of city living.  They in turn show Hudson some country boy ways to getting closer to their rescue.


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THE COWBOY WAY, Cara Buono, Ernie Hudson, 1994, (c)MCA Universal