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Genre: Drama

Jop’s Rating: 8/10

Jane Fonda is just wonderful, as always, in this film and draws you into the story with ease. It was great to see Jane as a hippy.  Omg, the giggle she has is priceless, love it!  The woman empowering themes in this movie are what I actually love about it. The back story, the feel of the movie iblog-love-peace8s what I call it, being the celebration of the Grandmother Moon, Mother Earth for the gifts of creation and its freedoblog-love-peace1ms. It reminds me of what inner strengths we do have. This is my kind of chic flic 🙂 Yes, I am a hippy too!!

Catherine Keener is the daughter of a still hippy living mother Jane Fonda and returns home to Woodstock after 20blog-love-peace12-joplin-car-too years with her two teenage children to get away for a few days when her husband asks for a divorce. However, hblog-love-peace4ippy life is a totally different way of living, thinking and loving.  A life she always detested while growing up will soon show her the way as an adult and that Peace, Love and Misunderstandings are what life is all about.

Elizabeth Olsen and Nat Wolf are the teenagers who have been
uprooted from a uptight family life into a free and uplifting way of living.  Jane sees them as young birds, awaiting to show their beauty within. To transform their negativity and fears into love and peace for themselves and others. Elizabeth and Nat sit back and absorb this new world while watching their mother being reborn into it.blog-love-peace6

For what was to be only a few days ends up being a week as Catherine stays to push away hblog-love-peace10er suitor Jeffery Dean Morgan (think about it) Elizabeth and Nat have never met their grandmother and Jane takes this time to share her life experiences of the 60’s and getting to know her grandchildren.  Jane also lets them in on what it is like being a hippie and the feeling of oneness within the self 🙂 French fries in the freeezzerr 😉


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Within this story each character meets someone that becomes their soul mates.  Jane of coarse, does not have this problem 🙂   With this film being shot in Woodstoblog-love-peace6-jpg7ck it is probable that some of the sets and props were “original” to the area and true to it’s community.  It must have been grand!

This really is a good movie and what I consider a chic flic to be.

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