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Adrien Brody & Beyonce

This film is about the start of the small record


Leonard & Etta

studio Cadillac Records and it’s owner Leonard Chess and began the careers of America’s blues legends  Muddy Waters,


Jeffery Wright

Howlin’ Wolf, Etta James, Little Walter and Chuck Barry in 1950’s Chicago. All movie biographies


Muddy Waters Biography

are born from some truth, not the whole truth, and Hollywood stories can be entertaining, so when watching these “true” stories it leads me to looking up the real thing.  After falling in love with the music of  Muddy, Little Walter and
Howlin’ Wolf
because of this film I found on You Tube  some information about blues called Blues America: Woke Up This Morning (pt1 ) & Blues America: Bright Lights, Big City (pt2)


Eamonn Walker


Howlin’ Wolf Biography

This 2 hour documentary is the history of blues and features historic films, pictures and interviews.  It is quite an interesting watch and talks about many blues singers male and female.

Columbus Short as "Little Walter" in Sony BMG Film, Parkwood Pictures and Tristar Pictures' drama CADILLAC RECORDS.

Columbus Short

Cadillac Records is a movie about these great musicians and the beginnings of what we call The Blues today. I’ve learned a lot about these guitarists that have inspired so


Little Walter Biography

many of the greats I have been listening to for years like Eric Clapton, The Rolling Stones, Jeff Healey, The Doors, Bob Dylan.  They have all played one recording or more of these Blues greats.  Even Elvis started with some of the historic artists of the blues era.  Each artist putting their own talents into the music, creating something new blog-cadillac9and old at the same time.  I for one love bar bands that play these tunes.  Whenever I watch a musical film I get a cravin’ to hear the songs live and get to catchin’ a groove 🙂



Starting off this review is a clip of my friend Rodney Jewell singing Hoochie Coochie Man.

Hope you enjoyed it!  WE had a great nite of blues man!!     blog-peace-sign12

Blues America documentary also tells of the history of the female blues artists that inspired my favorite Janis Joplin and many more.

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