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Big Trouble (2002)

Genre: Comedy Jop’s Rating: 10/10 Fantastic fast paced comedy with hilarious plots supported by a very large cast of actors and comedians. Tim Allen and Rene Russo are just grand in this gritty hidden gem of a movie.  The talent… Continue Reading →

Walking Tall (2004)

Genre: Action, Drama Jop’s Rating: 8/10   Dwayne Johnson is fantastic in this modern-day remake of a classic american hero and fights crime for the good.  Johnson provides a drama with true old fashion action which delivers the film to… Continue Reading →

Shoot to Kill (1988)

Genre: Action Jop’s Rating: 8/10 The distinguished Sidney Poitier starts off this film with his extreme talents in thrilling dramas.  Tom Berenger arrives shortly afterwards, together with his rawness acting appeal,  the wildness theme of the film and the perfect match… Continue Reading →

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