Genre: Action, Drama

Jop’s Rating: 8/10



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Dwayne Johnson is fantastic in this modern-day remake of a classic american hero and fights crime for the good.  Johnson provides a drama with true old fashion action whicblog-walking-tall-rock1h delivers the film to my dvd collection.  Today’s story adds the comedic antics of Johnny Knoxville, whom I justblog-walking-tall-rock5 love, and stands up beside the new Sheriff.


ModWALKING TALL, The Rock, Johnny Knoxville, 2004, (c) MGMern day corrupter Neal McDonough does very well as the casino owner whom causes Johnson to run for sheriff and stand up for the good of his town gettingblog-walking-tall-rock22 rid of the drugs, gambling and corruption of the town.  With the Hollywood happy ending all is well with the town and the good morals are returned.  This film’s terrific action and slight comedic humor completes a dramatic story delivered by a great cast, directing, soundtrack and all other hard efforts make this a great Saturday nite movie. Popcorn a must 🙂



Dwana Pusser (daughter of Buford) & Dwayne Johnson


Dwayne, Dwana & The Stick

blog-walking-tall-rock6 This movie is very loosely based on the events of the real life Sheriff Buford Pusser.  While keeping the basic facts of Pusser’s life the film was nominated for Teen Choice Award 2004 and  World Stunt Award 2005 and continues to share the same moral message for today.

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