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Genre: Christmas, Comedy

Jop’s Rating: 9/10


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This is a modernized Christmas Carol with the great comedic styles of Bill Murray.  It appears to have the same story line of past, present and future ghosts but in a creepy, scary and funny way only Bill Murray can deliver.  This is a must on my list of holiday films, just love it.


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A modern day scrooge is the executive of a television studio doing holiday specials, however there is nothing festghostive about it and they are just a non compassion ate corporation dealing with violence and all things petty.  He is non the less visited by three ghosts of which the present is just hilarious, the wonderful Carol Kane is priceless 🙂 she delivers the out loud lascroogedmurray ugh with the creation of her character.

With the great comedians from the 80’s like

Bobcat Goldthwait, David Johansen and some dramatic 70’s stars as Robert Mitchem, John Glover and a grand cast complete the recipe for a sarcastic holiday movie that still hyooniqimages_102325250as the warmness for Christmas entertainment.  Take away the sappy from your holidays with this film and Bill Murray and friends.

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