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Genre: Thriller, Crime

Jop’s Rating: 10/10

Sally Field is fabulous in the film of a women finding that internal female strength to deal with her daughter’s tragic death.  Sally Field hears this devastation taking placing while talking to her daughter on the phone.  You see a mother’s helpless and rage while trying to frantically save her child.  Ed Harris is wonderful and his character balances Sally Field with his strong manly persona as he supports and takes care of his wife and younger child.  The police end up catching the killer and they go to court, this hoping to end the grief of the family yet it only starts another when he is let go.

Upon attending a support group of similar families tragedies Sally becomes obsessed with her daughter’s killer Kiefer Sutherland and is compelled to avenge her death.  Kiefer Sutherland is terrific as he flips the coin and stalks this woman and begins to threaten her younger child with the same offense of the first. Paternal instincts now fuel a grief stricken mother.

Sally Field is just amazing in this movie, she empowers an female strength that only a woman can create when it comes to the love of her child.  She is an actress that inspires this strength within me at times, when needed, and I can totally be drawn into her film as she shares a truly emotional experience.

With the great acting of both Sally Field and Ed Harris you see the internal strengths of father and a mother in this story and how far grieving for the loss of child would take a parent.

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