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Genre: Thriller


Kathy Bates

Jop’s Rating:  10/10

blog-dragonfly2-coverKevin Costner is terrific in the ghostly thriller of a man who loses his wife and begins to work endless hours only to discover that his wife may still be alive. He starts waking up a night to noises and things starting to move around in the house.  Dragonflies begin to appear.  His wife loved dragonflies, and a symbol he does not understand the meaning of.  Kathy Bates is wonderful as Costner’s supportive neighbor that has also lost a spouse.

Costner is a doctor whose wife was also a doctor, but in an under developed country as a missionary. After her tragic death Costner takes on her patient’s that she left behind in the city and as they continue to go back and forth from death’s door voices soon start floating in the air and catch upon Costner’s ear.  He is constantly hearing his name being called.  Shortly dragonfly-2-betterafter the hospital begins to think he is over stressed and still coming to terms with his wife’s death and urged to take a vacation, sell his house, takdragonfly-9393-largee the bird and get on with this life.  He discovers what the symbol means and begins his journey to retrace his wife’s steps before her accident as he believes his wife is trying to contact him.

This movie isdragonfly6 whatdragonfly9 I defined to be a great ghost story.  It has mystery, ghostly haunts and a great “jump” factor which will add a few chills to the story.  This movie is one of my
favorites and what makes it special is that it will send a happy tear down my cheek with it’s heartwarming ending.

Maybe you too 🙂

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