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Heartburn (1986)

  Genre: Drama Jop’s Rating: 9/10 Excellent drama with Meryl Streep and Jack Nicholson about two people who fall in love at their first meeting and Jack the sworn singleton, believes he has found his soul mate, proposes to Meryl…. Continue Reading →

Parenthood (1989)

Genre: Drama, Comedy Jop’s Rating: 10/10 Fantastic film with an all star cast that tells the story of a large family with three generations and siblings. A movie made of honest and realism which is balanced with both comedic and dramatic… Continue Reading →

Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte (1964)

  Genre: Thriller, Mystery Jop’s Rating: 8/10 Bette Davis is the original scream queen in this film of mystery, scandal and ghostly haunts.  From past tragic events Bette Davis was accused of committing murder as a young adult and the mental anguish… Continue Reading →

Eye for an Eye (1996)

Genre: Thriller, Crime Jop’s Rating: 10/10 Sally Field is fabulous in the film of a women finding that internal female strength to deal with her daughter’s tragic death.  Sally Field hears this devastation taking placing while talking to her daughter… Continue Reading →

A Private Matter (1992)

Genre: Drama, True Story Jop’s Rating: 8/10 Sissy Spacek and Aidan Quinn are wonderful in telling this true story of a historical event of a popular children’s television show in the early 1960’s.  The program, Romper Room 🙂 Yes, I… Continue Reading →

The Long Kiss Goodnight (1996)

Genre: Action Jop’s Rating: 8/10     Fast action movie with Geena Davis, something you do not usually see her in.  Davis is remarkable in this dual role of two characters in this film. A single mother working as a… Continue Reading →

Cleaner (2007)

    Genre: Drama, Mystery Jop’s Rating: 9/10 A re-tired cop Samuel L. Jackson, is now making his living as a crime scene cleaner.  As a single father supporting his only daughter Keke Palmer, he works this self employed business… Continue Reading →

Caveman’s Valentine (2001)

Genre: Mystery, Thriller Jop’s Rating: 9/10 A murder of a young homeless man which no one seems to be interested in has the caveman’s curiosity peaked when it is found in his tree.  Samuel L. Jackson’s character is a homeless… Continue Reading →

An American Christmas Carol (1980)

Genre: Christmas, Drama Jop’s Rating: 7/10 Henry Wrinkler is the chosen one for this Claus film and tells us a story of how his character of scrooge similarities become the grumpy old man that everyone hates.  You see his childhood, where he… Continue Reading →

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